Article II – Purpose
WILEAN is a nonprofit institution designed to facilitate law enforcement sensitive information-sharing and establish standards, provide training and resources, and encourage innovation for both crime and intelligence analysts throughout the state of Wisconsin.

Article III – Functions
The functions of WILEAN are to:
• Enhance public and official understanding of the role of law enforcement analysis.
• Encourage general recognition of the practice of law enforcement analysis as a professional field.
• Reinforce the concepts of professionalism, dedication to service, and integrity among practitioners of law enforcement analysis.
• To enhance the effectiveness of law enforcement analysis programs statewide through education and training.
• To provide a forum for analysts to share information, strategy, and technique.
• To promote statewide professional standards for analysts.
• To assist local and state law enforcement agencies in the development and advancement of analysis programs.
• To research and publish information regarding law enforcement analysis.
• To foster multi-agency collaboration and information sharing.

Board Members

President – Melissa Marchant


Secretary – Michelle Belongie


Operations Officer – Christopher Jaeger

Vice President – Dan Baebler


Treasurer – Erin Christensen


WILEAN 2019 Fall Training


Dates:          October 10th, 2019                         

Location:     Madison Police Department Training Center

                      5702 Femrite Drive

                      Madison, WI 53718

Additional information regarding the Fall 2019 Seminar to come.



Welcome to WILEAN

$25 annual membership (NOTE: there is a $1 service fee if payment is made online)

Members of WILEAN have the right to:
· Attend meetings, training, conferences, and functions of WILEAN.
· Make, debate, and vote on motions.
· Vote in elections.
· Run for a position on the Executive Board.
· Nominate members to the Executive Board.
· Access and review the minutes of meetings, to include Executive Board meetings.
· Enjoy all products, services, and benefits of membership.


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